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HD View 360 Inc. (also referred to as “the Company”) is the industry leader in providing small and medium-sized businesses with the IT and security monitoring tools they need to operate effectively. Founded in 2013, the Company saw 170% year-over-year revenue growth in 2015, and Q1 2016 saw 235% improvement over Q1 2015. The quality and value of HD View 360’s services have been recognized by multiple franchises, including European Wax Center, Amazing Lash Studio, Orangetheory Fitness, and Massage Envy. The Company’s growth has positioned it to expand and deepen its services to include more comprehensive geographic presence, and acquiring as many new franchises as possible while adding additional revenue streams. These efforts will all increase the attractiveness of HD View 360 to potential clients while increasing both revenues and profit margins for the Company.

HD View 360 primarily targets franchised businesses, which frequently seek vendors who can rapidly install reliable systems on a turnkey basis. There are about 335,000 franchisee-owned businesses in the U.S., representing 8.1% of establishments and 13.9% of nation-wide revenue. An estimated 75,000 new franchisee-owned businesses are formed every year. In addition, HD View 360 will cultivate relationships with some of Florida’s most prolific home builders, such as GL Homes and Lennar Homes, who design and build entire communities in need of reliable, uniform, and upscale security systems for each new home. HD View 360’s strategic positioning represents a superior understanding of market needs, and the Company’s demonstrated success indicates the distinctiveness of HD View 360 among its competitors.

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HD View 360’s expanded operations will allow it to become the preferred vendor for more franchises, building an ever-expanding base of satisfied customers who refer other entrepreneurs and small business owners to the Company. HD View 360 will continue its successful approach of networking among franchisors and prospective franchisees to develop the prominence of the HD View 360 brand.

The Company is led by Dennis Mancino, who managed an investment firm before founding HD View 360. His work with a wide range of investors and small cap firms led him to identify the market opportunity that HD View 360 addresses. His entrepreneurial acumen, leadership ability, and fiscal ingenuity are all proven by the Company’s continuous success since 2013.

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