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HD View 360 offers a suite of security monitoring and related products including high definition cameras, recorders, remote alarm and lock monitoring and control tools, and the computer infrastructure necessary to support these devices. The Company provides custom tailored system design for clients, providing reliable and robust tools to help them achieve their goals. Whether a small business wants cameras to monitor retail floors and inventory shelves, a start-up franchise wants remote monitoring with the ability to disarm the alarm and unlock doors for unscheduled maintenance, or a private client wants to be able to monitor and secure their main residence and vacation homes with the convenience of a smartphone app, HD View 360 is becoming the go-to vendor for high quality installation, training, and maintenance.

The bulk of HD View 360’s customer base are franchised retail stores. The Company is a preferred vendor for European Wax Center, Amazing Lash Studio, Orangetheory Fitness, and Massage Envy, and is currently in talks with another emerging franchise that offers similar health-related services in a retail environment. As the preferred vendor, HD View 360 is able to capture a large majority of new establishments within these franchises, and as such has existing prospective customers throughout the United States. The Company is also seeking partnerships with large-scale community developers who build in some of Florida’s most desirable areas. Companies like GL Homes and Lennar Homes design and build extensive communities from the ground-up, with consistency in appearance and choice of materials. These affluent communities will need a security company who can guarantee consistency across all newly built homes.

HD View 360 currently manufactures its core line of products, ensuring reliability while maximizing profits. The Company also resells some non- core items that are used in client installs, and also serves as a reseller of VOIP (telephone over internet) services under the brand Simplefone.

The Company’s reputation for quality and strong market positioning has led to strong growth. Year-over-year, 2015 saw 170% improvement over 2014. This continued and accelerated in 2016, with Q1-over-Q1 seeing 235% growth. This demonstrated success has provided HD View 360 with the confidence to continue its operational expansion. This business plan contemplates the Company’s growth as follows:

Add regional sales and service offices to better serve a national clientele.
Increase vertical integration of VOIP services.
Add IT support service options for clients.
Add merchant processing services.

HD View 360 currently flies technicians across the country from its Miami, Florida, headquarters to inspect new client properties, install the Company’s systems, and provide training to the client and their employees. The Company also flies technicians to the client when on-site services are required. With strategically positioned offices near major markets, HD View 360 will be able to respond more quickly and with lower marginal costs to client needs. The Company anticipates opening offices in southern California, Texas, and New York to ensure its growth can continue at its rapid rate.

HD View 360, under the brand Simplefone, is a reseller for VOIP services and earns residual income from subscription fees. The Company’s camera manufacturing expertise can readily be expanded to include VOIP hardware and services. Moreover, as the Company currently integrates its video monitoring equipment with the client’s internet services, HD View 360 may be able to reduce the cost of providing VOIP services by multi-purposing video processing and storage hardware. As such, HD View 360 intends to establish Simplefone as a subsidiary for the primary purpose of developing and manufacturing VOIP hardware which the Company can then sell to its established and emerging client base.

The Company maintains support staff to train, assist, and repair/replace equipment for its clients. HD View 360 intends to expand these services to provide Tier 1 technical support for all of its clients’ IT needs. The Company will establish a subsidiary, HD Quick Fix, to offer remote and on-site computer services, such as anti-virus updates, remote technical support, and on-site inspection, repairs, and replacements. A distinctive opportunity exists here with the Company’s hardware expertise: HD Quick Fix will use internet- enabled power strips that allow it to remotely perform hard reboots of any equipment, which solves the vast majority of problems without the costs associated with on-site repairs. HD Quick Fix intends to offer its services on a subscription basis with additional fees for on-site services along with revenue generated from the resale of computer equipment.

HD View 360 will also establish a subsidiary, HD View Technologies, to resell merchant processing services. Credit card processing is an essential component of any retail business and the Company’s position as a technology service and support provider will allow HD View Technologies to provide merchant processing equipment, training, and support efficiently alongside the other HD View 360 services.

These expansion efforts will increase the Company’s revenues at relatively low entry and ongoing costs, provide access to new markets, and make HD View 360 more appealing to franchisors as a preferred vendor.

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