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Office Mobility

Your personal office on the Go!


Managing businesses is no easy task, so HD View 360 is here to help. Business mobility is offered through our unified communication provider, Simplefone.

What's Office Mobility?

The cloud softphone application is designed to work easily through any iPhone, iPod touch or Android device. Tablets, laptops and desktop computers can also run the application successfully and give owners the mobility they need to operate their businesses remotely. Our business mobility services are designed to allow clients to take their offices with them on-the-go so that they can tend to urgent demands from any location.

Business mobility solutions provide real-time information across multiple locations and can accelerate any enterprises results dramatically.

Mobility Services

Our end-to-end mobility solutions are designed to enable all business operations and mobilize any company. By mobilizing your company or organization, business owners can transform the way they conduct business and drastically improve the flow of operations year-round. Our mobility services create highly secured connections between employees, customers, partners and other important assets that companies may depend on during high seasons. Features offered through mobility solutions include enhanced push-to-talk, mobile applications, machine-to-machine solutions, mobile messaging and more.

The Process

HD View 360 provides clients with the ability to make internal office calls from their iPhone or Android smartphones at no extra cost. Business mobility is offered in conjunction with VoIP phone extension services. These services allow owners to make and receive important phone calls during their travels or while they’re away from the office. Simplefone’s softphone provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface that owner’s can customize to fit their specific needs.


Our unified communication provider offers a sophisticated call functionality and voice quality that helps improve productivity and allows employees to communicate amongst one another efficiently.

Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding each client in launching a mobile enterprise strategy with the help of mobility solution technology.